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The Project Calculator!

Use the calculator below to get an estimate of the points your project animal will earn! The calculator uses the averages listed in the Training Guides, so the result will be a rough estimate rather than an exact number.

If you want to check on the points of the baby from your future project animal (and its mate), check out the Baby Calculator!

Please note that the calculator may be slightly inaccurate! I have some questions that need to be answered regarding the points won in shows, and my averages are most likely incorrect in the meanwhile. Sorry! You should still get a general idea, but it isn't as accurate as I'd like right now.


Fill in the information below and hit Calculate!

  • Check Upgraded only if the animal will be trained on an upgraded account.
  • Check Breed Specialty if the animal will be trained on an account where it is the breed specialty.
  • For Whole Private Shows, enter the number of weekly private shows where the animal will be the only entrant.
  • Enter the number of weekly private shows (with other entrants*) and weekly public shows the animal will be entered in.
  • You can enter any previous points your animal will have (points from club registrations or awards).
  • You can also enter the number of whole ticket sets (50 tickets) you plan to use on your animal per month (the calculator assumes there will be 4 months of ticket sets for horses, and 3 months for dogs).

*The calculator assumes there are 10 entrants in filled private shows

Breed Specialty?
Horse Or Dog
Whole private shows:

Filled private shows:

Public shows:

Previous points:

Monthly ticket sets: